Welcome to the fanlisting for Kamina, the most badass warrior from the 2007 anime series, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (), created by GAINAX. Growing up in the oppressive underground world, Kamina desired nothing more than to break out of his tiny village and see the outside world. He is the fearless leader of the Gurren-dan, but he also cares deeply about his friends and comrades and will do anything to protect his loved ones. With his unwavering fighting spirit, he will never back down or run from a fight. He dreams big and kicks logic to the curb, because who the hell do you think he is?


  • Last updated: December 02, 2023
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This fanlisting was originally approved in July 2007 and owned by Seiyuuki and then Nekoi Echizen ♥, who adopted it out to me in April 2014. Thank you ♪

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